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About VXM

“VXM were instrumental throughout our data transformation”.

Businesses are complex with multiple structures, systems and data problems, making it very difficult to get accurate and timely answers to your most critical business performance questions.

VXM simplifies this complexity and gives you the answers to your questions.

Our analytical solutions quickly measure how changes in pricing, volumes, costs and sales mix are impacting profitability at every level of your business.

We are re-thinking the way analytics and business intelligence is delivered. We believe that short, focused projects are the most effective way to build an analytical capability, deliver real insight and improve profits in a matter of weeks.

Why VXM?

“What VXM has built for us is market leading in superannuation”

We don’t guess! VXM analytics is built on pure maths that provides accurate and complete data-driven insights across big data sets.

VXM’s analytics enables a fast and repeatable process that identifies the best opportunities for improving pricing and margins. Our analytics reveal the biggest contributors to margin decline, and explains why this is happening.

Because our analytic solutions are designed to be repeatable, this means we can easily load your actual results into our solution each month and track your margin improvement initiatives.

Our team is made up of commercial and finance analysts with significant experience working for some of the world’s leading brands. This is the driving force for the design of our analytics: ‘We wish we had access to analytics like this in our last job’.

We bring our experience in industry and our commercial expertise to bear in how we partner with our clients in analysing the results of our analytics. Together, we question assumptions, we challenge the results, and we ask more of the data to distil the most powerful insights into how an organisation is performing.

We have strong track records, having dedicated our careers to building analytical, BI and reporting solutions in order to solve complex problems for some of Australia’s most successful companies.


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At VXM, we talk about the need for analytical solutions that logically lead our clients to ask the ‘next right’ question, in order to systematically build understanding and insight. Smart questions being answered by concise analytics, which naturally leads to more focused questions and deeper analysis.

VXM’s agile approach works just like that. By leveraging our suite of proprietary analysis tools and the full potential of leading edge technology we help you identify, prioritise and solve your next big questions.


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Our clients want robust insights into their performance, in order to improve pricing, margins and profitability. At VXM, we use advanced analytics and leading technology to provide factual and complete answers, removing assumptions, anecdotes and data issues from the equation.

We clearly identify and explain the opportunities and risks to your profitability. Then, by telling you the story behind your numbers, we give you the confidence and understanding you need to make better decisions and improve your profits.


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World class technology, your team and our analytical methods and expertise, all working together to build you a powerful analytical capability. This is how we work, together!

Leveraging all these partnerships to understand your business, its data and challenges, we remove the noise, understand what is truly driving performance, develop the right improvement initiatives and track progress with ease.

Our Technology and Partners

The VXM Way

“Simple variance analysis only shows you ‘where’ things changed, you need more advanced analysis that answers your important ‘why’ questions.”

Simon, Director of Data & Analytics

True insight and understanding does not come from any one piece of analysis. It evolves from a systematic and logical sequence of analytical steps. These steps are not known in advance but are naturally created from the process of questioning and interrogating the analysis itself.

Insightful analysis that explains why trends are occurring, and why profit is changing requires a level of precision and certainty that is not supported by simple, and traditional, variance analysis. More sophisticated analytic tools and algorithms are required, that tell you ‘why’ and allow you to confidently and logically ask the ‘next right’ question of your business and data.

This is what we mean by agility at VXM.

We start by analysing your gross profit and margins. We gather all your revenue and cost data, analyse it using our advanced portfolio analysis tools and identify the risks, opportunities and drivers of profits. In a matter of weeks we can tell you ‘why’ your margins and profits are changing.

Now we identify your next most important questions, gather more data, analyse it and continue to build your understanding and insight.

That’s the VXM Way, taking logical and systematic steps to building insights! 

Our Services

“Our mission is to create meaningful insights into your business in a timely, logical and repeatable way, so that you and your business can operate at full potential.”

Grant, Director of Sales & Operations

Our experience in building bespoke analytical and BI solutions, has led us to a new approach for analytics. VXM’s approach starts with your biggest questions to determine where you should be focusing your time and resources to improve pricing, margins and profits!

We have built innovative and powerful portfolio analysis solutions into the world’s leading BI technologies to provide our client’s with the ability to answer their most challenging management questions.

We are a team of experts from global brands and leading consulting firms such as ANZ Bank, Heinz, Deloitte, and Oracle. We have considerable expertise in making complex analytic solutions work at some of Australia’s leading companies like Google, ANZ Bank, Amcor, Toll Holdings and Swisse Vitamins. Over that time we have developed complimentary project management, technology, analytical, commercial and business management skills that create a unique suite of skills we leverage to provide powerful analytics and business partnering.

Data Management

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We fix your data problems.

Analysts spend more than 45% of their time preparing their data before they can analyse it, that’s because most organisations have more than 20 data sources to contend with.  VXM’s goal is to ensure our clients stop manually manipulating data and start leveraging and analysing it.

We bring your data together from multiple sources and reorganise it into intuitive structures that align to your business, reporting and analysis needs. Now, with a single source of truth, access to leading edge technology and reconciliations between operational and financial data you can make decisions based on high quality data you understand and trust.

Analytical Solutions

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We design, build and embed powerful analytical solutions.

While some scenarios require a bespoke solution, we are re-thinking the traditional approach to BI and analytics by designing analytical solutions for some of your most challenging questions and scenarios. Our view is that the best place to begin your analytics journey is by clearly understanding profitability and the drivers behind why profit is changing.

Our secret is in how we have adapted and extended traditional price, volume, mix (PVM) methods to gain real insights into customer, business and pricing trends in your business.

Tableau Consulting

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As Tableau Alliance Partners and Tableau gurus, we can solve all your Tableau design, implementation and visualisation needs.

Our goal is to make analysis easier, reignite your curiosity and create awesome dashboards for presenting insights. We achieve this by simplifying your data, leveraging the power of Tableau and training your staff to also become Tableau evangelists.

If you are interested in moving to a self-service, agile and empowering BI solution, then let VXM help you take the Tableau plunge!

Our Analytics

“It is the unknown unknowns that you need to keep your eye on.”

Simon, Director of Data & Analytics

VXM Analytics leverages our suite of powerful proprietary analytical tools that enables us to scrutinise your data and pinpoint the best opportunities for reducing risk and improving your volumes, margins and profitability.

We license this technology on a software as a service (SaaS) model, and provide support and training, so you can take control of the analysis and ask even more of your data.

VXM Margins

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VXM Margin Analytics dissects every aspect of your pricing and margins. It is a purpose built application, powered by the VXM Portfolio Analytics engine, for understanding how changes in pricing, volumes, costs, discounting and sales mix are impacting gross profits.

Margin Analytics is designed to go deep into the drivers of your business, while also capturing the impacts of management investment decisions and customer trends and behaviours.

A crucial input into your pricing and investment decisions, Margin Analytics allows you to continually refine your business strategies by providing timely and frequent analysis on their effectiveness.

VXM Profitability

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VXM Profitability builds you a multi-dimensional view of your profitability, so you clearly understand all your sources of, and contributions to, profit performance.

Leveraging the VXM Allocations engine, we can design and build views of your profits across your primary product, geographic, customer segment and channel dimensions.

Combined with our VXM Portfolio Analytics engine we can identify, analyse and monitor your most important profit levers so that you can take control and maximise value.

VXM Tableau Plunge

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As a Tableau Alliance Partner, VXM can help you integrate Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server software into your business. We assess your existing technology and data architecture to optimise a Tableau implementation. We train your team and design and build your new Tableau reporting and dashboard environment.

As the world’s No. 1 data visualisation and analysis software (Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant report), Tableau Software is a fantastic investment for any business.

‘VXM, giving you confidence in your numbers’


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Grant Callaghan

Grant Callaghan
CEO & Co-Founder

Phone:  +61 410 324 151

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I am a successful entrepreneur and leader in the field of analytics and technology.  My success comes from hard work and experience, leading the design of complex analytic and reporting systems for some of our most iconic businesses. Working with companies like Amcor, Google, Swisse Vitamins, The Red Cross Blood Service and Toll Holdings, we learn and develop new ways to use analytics to move companies ahead. This expertise and experience is what I bring to our clients to make their analytics successful.

With VXM, I am realising my vision to revolutionise how analytics can lift business performance with our range of new analytic solutions.

Contact me to discuss how our advanced analytics can be providing your business with deep insights into how your profitability is shifting and why.

VXM Agile Analytics
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